Concepcion Industrial Corporation Joins Movement Towards Plastic Responsibility

Concepcion Industrial Corporation (CIC), the largest and most established provider of home and building & industrial solutions in the Philippines, expressed its full support of the Department of Energy and Natural Resources’ efforts to advance the Extended Producer Responsibility Act (EPR ACT), in line with its efforts to contribute to the development of a robust, eco-friendly manufacturing sector that prioritizes resource conservation and plastic waste reduction.

Under the EPR Act, companies take full responsibility for the plastic packaging they use throughout the lifecycle of their products. By holding companies accountable for the environmental impact of their products, the EPR Act fosters a circular economy and significantly reduces waste generation, landfill usage, and carbon emissions.

As a pioneering manufacturing company in the country, CIC is dedicated to integrating sustainable practices across its operations, from product design and manufacturing to distribution and end-of-life management. To support the company’s efforts to responsibly offset its plastic footprint, CIC partnered with PCX to create a more strategic approach to managing the company’s plastic footprint in compliance with global industry best practices. CIC leverages PCX’s expertise and resources to support the development of effective waste management systems in line with the EPR framework. All three of CIC’s operating subsidiaries that fall within the scope of EPR Act, namely, Concepcion-Carrier Airconditioning Company (“CCAC”), Concepcion Durables Inc. (“CDI”), and Concepcion Midea, Inc. (“CMIP”) have already collectively registered through this partnership between PCX and CIC. By 2028, the EPR Act will require companies to take responsibility for 80% of their post-consumer plastic packaging footprint. This year, the requirement is only 20%, but CIC aims to go beyond and take responsibility for 100% as early as the first year of compliance.

“We firmly believe that the EPR Act is a transformative step towards a greener, more sustainable future. Our commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability aligns seamlessly with the principles and objectives of the plastic responsibility movement. We recognize the urgency of addressing the environmental crisis we face today, and the EPR Act presents a clear path forward. By embracing extended producer responsibility, our industry can drive innovation, reduce waste, and protect our planet for future generations.

Caring for people and the planet is one of our company’s core values, and this inspires us to channel our efforts into meaningful activities that positively impact the environment and the communities we touch. Our partnership with PCX not only brings us one step closer to achieving our sustainability goals but more importantly, it enables us to become part of the global solution to reduce plastic pollution,” said Concepcion Industrial Corporation Chairman and CEO, Raul Joseph A. Concepcion.

Sustainability has always been a fundamental principle in CIC’s business strategy as it actively seeks innovative solutions that help reduce its carbon footprint. In addition to the manufacturing and distribution of energy-efficient products, efficient waste management practices, CIC since 2018 has also been taking part in the global movement for environmental sustainability with the installation of 1,053 solar panels at its air conditioning manufacturing facility in Laguna. The plant harvests over 1,500 kilowatt hours per day from the system, contributing 18% of its total electricity usage and generating 14 million in savings since commissioning.

Committed to sustainable development, CIC strives to balance economic growth with environmental stewardship, focusing on innovation, efficiency, and responsible business practices.

PCX supports companies, institutions, and individuals to responsibly clean up their plastic footprints, partnering with communities in some of the most polluted areas in the world, empowering them to clean up plastic waste, while enabling socio-economic benefits.

The contract signing between Concepcion Industrial Corporation and PCX was held at the DENR Office in Quezon City on July 18, 2023.

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