Concepcion technology arm Cortex launches emergency response platform WeCARE

The COVID-19 pandemic has been causing uncertainty and anxiety among us, Filipinos. With the exponential spread of the virus and the growing number of cases each day, we are all undoubtedly faced with even greater distress.

In our country, the shortage of medical gear and other supplies to protect our frontline – the doctors, nurses and health staff directly exposed to the virus, is just one of the many critical concerns we want addressed immediately. Many individuals would like to help, but there’s no means of properly reaching out to know the specific needs of those who urgently need support. As a result, resources are not equally distributed and worse, resources are immensely wasted due to unmatched allocation and actual needs.

In response to these challenges, Cortex Technologies Inc.(Cortex), a subsidiary of Concepcion Industrial Corporation (CIC), developed a nonprofit emergency response platform, WeCARE (We Connect, Act and Respond to Emergencies) as part of their joint corporate social responsibility initiative.

True to the spirit of “bayanihan”, CIC felt the need to utilize available resources to quickly buil a centralized community platform that gathers the urgent demands of our country’s health services and emergency support organizations, while also bringing together individuals or groups who are able and willing to help by donating what’s needed to where it’s needed.

WeCARE (We Connect, Act and Respond to Emergencies) as part of their joint corporate social responsibility initiative.

WeCARE. Connect. React. Respond. CIC Philippines

In emergency situations like this, it is important to understand the real situation and the specific needs of the organizations or individuals asking for help. This way, we can extend the appropriate help to the right people, considering their actual needs. These days, we cannot afford to waste time, all the more waste resources that could have been given to those most in need.


The very essence of WeCARE is to ensure that emergency response such as volunteers, food, equipment and other supplies are easily accessed and deployed on time to where they are needed. WeCARE was initially launched yesterday, March 24, giving medical institutions and emergency service organizations the opportunity to register their needs before the platform is officially introduced to a broader audience.

WeCARE is now open for registration and ready to secure pledges. To know more about WeCARE and to learn how it works, please visit

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